SOUND AND SOCIETY is a collective of creative individuals throughout the United States working together to promote mastery of the arts through the constructive power of events and collaboration. By pooling together our respective knowledge and talents, we aim to create an artists culture, built for members to achieve personal growth by co-operating to reach goals far beyond our individual capabilities.

Our events provide the financial support necessary to fund our dreams. Sound & Society's goal is to become a non-profit independent record label, focused on innovation and community improvement. Our aim is to change the values of the music industry from the inside out. Instead of monetizing artistry we seek to cultivate creativity and provide events equally as breath-taking as the artists that preform at them. 

In 2016 we threw some of our biggest events yet, hosting the likes of Goshfather, A Boy and a Girl, and Lox Chatterbox alongside M8RX Nightclub and Lounge. Now, in 2017 we have continued to set our sights higher in all aspects of our industry. We will have some of our biggest names yet coming out throughout the year coupled with weekly releases by our resident artists (which we're certain you will enjoy).

If you would like to get involved, follow the link below and send us a bit of information about yourself, your talents, and your interest in our collective. We look forward to hearing from like-minded individuals!